PAR PRINT GROUP INC. is a full service design, prepress, printing, finishing and direct mail/lettershop facility.

  • Leading edge technology
  • 40 years experience
  • Financial viability

leading edge technology

By using leading edge technology throughout our full-service 2 plants, we can successfully manage printing and direct mail economically and efficiently, thereby accommodating budgets while streamlining print needs though appropriate channels. We are considered a medium sized printing business, agile enough to respond quickly and efficiently.

40 years experience

With over 40 years of lithographic experience and with roots in the commercial print, finishing and direct mail business, our technicians are true seasoned veterans of this skilled trade. The operations have evolved from early typesetting, letterpress printing, film, photographic printing/finishing through to the latest technology available today. Our service offering today includes the latest in technology for all respective departments including design, prepress, printing, finishing, large format printing, direct mail/lettershop, etc.

financial viability

PAR PRINT GROUP INC owns 100% of all the equipment and technology it utilizes, therefore our financial viability is sound and coupled with our “preferred-printer” status relationship that we have forged with some of our largest clients, we are a completely sustainable business.

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